LP3 Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump




      ●  Compact three-stage pump                

●  The Single valve block can be replaced by component FP-4,thereby allowing 2 or 4 Tools to be driven simultaneously                

●  Three stage induction motor driven so brushless                

●  Oil cooler,supporting continuous operation with steel frame                

●  100mm diameter gauge,aluminium oil tank with oil level indicator                

●  Variable pressure adjustment between 1000~10000 bar                

●  Designed for continuous operation                



LP3 Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump.pdf                



Model            LP3-2            LP3-4            
Working pressure            10000 Psi            10000 Psi            
Drive            Electric            Electric            
Voltage            100V/60 Hz            100V/60 Hz            
power            0.9 KW            0.9 KW            
tank capacity            5.5L            


flow rate            5.5-1.4-0.7 L/min            5.5-1.4-0.7 L/min            
oil cooler            yes            yes            
weight(lbs)            55            59            
oil outputs            4×1/4" NPT            8×1/4" NPT
L×W×H(inch)            17.52×11.97×16.77            18.15×11.97×16.77